Aaron Darkroot

Aaron Darkroot is a 26 year old Male Human Rogue, weighing 170 pounds, and standing 6 feet tall.

Aaron is the third son of a moderately wealthy noble family. Being the third son in a culture of primogeniture, he knew that he would grow up to inherit nothing, and despite his noble blood could not benefit from his heritage. Although his family does support him financially, Aaron sees his funds as more of an allowance, to buy his contentment and keep him a quiet family member.

Displeased with this lot in life, and believing that he has been cheated due to his elder siblings, Aaron has set out on his own to establish his own estate. His grand plan involves reclaiming lands that had been taken from the Human kingdoms, or simply neglected, and turn it into his own domain, likely a Barony. To accomplish this goal Aaron believes he must obtain a substantial fortune, gather friends and acquaintances to help him etch out his dominion, and develop a barony. Aaron is always on the lookout to discover the perfect settlement area, and believes that the roads between the remaining kingdoms that have fallen into disarray to be the best real estate, as he would be able to control the flow of people between kingdoms.

it should be noted that within Aaron’s immediate family he has 5 sisters, though not all of them are legitimate.

Previous to the beginning of the campaign, Aaron has met two of the other players.

While traveling through one of the remaining settlements in a weakened Human kingdom, Aaron came across several guards cornering Cairon and preparing to take him under arrest. Overhearing that the Tiefling was being apprehended due to the desecration of graves and the rumor of practicing chiromancy, Aaron used his noble influence to vouch for Cairon and claimed that these were nothing but rumors. The guards, unable to make the arrest and offend a noble, left promising to get sure evidence of criminal acts. Aaron used his influence to free Cairon hoping to enlist the services of a magic wielding person to assist in his goals of nation building.

Aaron has also met Ellis Dewald in a tavern where he found the man engaged in an arm wrestling competition. Watching the competition, Aaron witnessed how easily Ellis Dewald won each competition, defeating his opponent in the finals while showing almost no exertion whatsoever. Taken aback by this impressive feat of strength Aaron quickly realized how useful a man of such strength could be in assisting the creation of his barony, and after a brief negotiation, the two came to an agreement to help each other. Although at the time Aaron was not certain why it was important, Ellis Dewald became noticeably more interested in Aaron’s offer once learning Aaron had 5 sisters.

Aaron Darkroot

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