The world as we know it. There are many origin stories to the world of Atouin, but many old cultures insist that the world is a living creature, not just a lump of stone. Almost all major cultures, and centers of the world have let this ancient superstition go, and believe the world to consist of rock and water.

Many mainstream faiths actually believe that referring to the world as alive is a blasphemous act, as believing the planet to be a living thing is to create an idol of it, and to create the idea that the world was not created by the gods.

Atouin consists of several continents, several of the known ones consist of:

Coralie, the largest of the continents and the one where the campaign story largely takes place.

Drakinvald, a small continent usually placed to the far south of the world. It is said to be the home of the dragons, and where the Dragonborn call home. There has never been a successful return of explorers there, and all are assumed to have been killed by the elder dragons who remember the other races as usually hostile.

Lathak is home to the greenskins (does not necessarily mean they are green colour.) of the world, where Orcs and Goblins among other greenskin races live. Overcrowding of their homelands has let to many groups leaving the land in search of a new home. Traditionally the ones to leave are the less powerful of the greenskins, such as goblins. However the recent events leading to the devastation of Coralie have caused the greater denizens to cross the oceans and make landing. Currently the Dwarves and Western Elves are locked in a struggle to hold their lands from these invaders, however with each ship landing on the coast the chances of holding out become slimmer.

One of the old sea legends about Atouin is that is has never been circled. It is said that a few centuries ago, back when the people of Atouin were able to create large naval powers, that several people attempted to circumnavigate the world and go all the way around it. These people are said to have never returned from their journey, and old dusted tomes found in libraries claim several theories as to why these voyages all proved unsuccessful. The theories range from mutiny, to attack by people yet undiscovered by the rest of the world, to starvation, and even to plummeting off the edge of the world, but as no one has been able to construct a vessel large enough, or have the reason to make a fresh attempt, these stories are all old enough that most scholars claim an answer is not to be found in such unreliable texts.


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