Ellis Dewald

Ellis Dewald is a 22 year old Male Human Fighter, weighing 215 pounds, and six foot – two inches tall.

Ellis is the son of a royal armorer. His father had always hoped that with his close connections to the royal family he would be able to get his family title, but despite years of service he never was elevated to peerage. When Ellis became of age, his father showed him how to use a soldiers weapons and armor, and then used the profits from his business to send Ellis to the kingdoms most prestigious military academy. His father’s hope had always been that Ellis would become a member of the home guard, or perhaps the captain of the kings men.

Ellis grew up constantly hearing of how with such an important position, he would be a man of respect. As a man of respect he may be able to marry into a noble family and finally elevate his family to lordship, succeeding where hard work had failed his father.

While at the military academy, one of the students that assisted with the mail ran to find Ellis and handed him a letter detailing the imprisonment of his father. The letter went on to ask that Ellis remain at the academy. Believing that he would soon be hunted by the kings men and dealt with, Ellis fled the academy taking what gear he had earned or payed for with his funding.

While he had been in the academy he had hoped to get into the military, however discovering the news about his father, his beliefs changed. Seeing that his loyal father had been imprisoned and no reason had been given, Ellis now questions what right nobility has to treat the citizens in such a manner. Ellis began to have serious doubts about the hierarchy of his society and now firmly believes the “system” to be corrupt. One of his life’s goals is to discover the fate of his father, why he was imprisoned, and if possible, rescue him.

After fleeing the academy, Ellis was forced to do menial tasks where he could find them to make his way through life. Ellis’ massive amounts of strength often find him doing manual labor or competing in competitions, such as the arm wrestling match that he participated in when Aaron Darkroot found him. It came as no surprise to most that Ellis, visibly one of the most muscular and powerful looking people most had ever seen, won every arm wrestling competition that day.

After collecting his winnings Ellis found himself in a conversation with Aaron Darkroot, and found the offer made to him to provide the opportunities he longed for in life. By pairing up with Aaron Darkroot Ellis just might be able to create a name for himself, command men, become powerful enough to search for his father, and perhaps be able to honor his fathers dreams and find a way to become noble. What Ellis and Aaron Darkroot have is above all else a strong mutually beneficial understanding.

Ellis Dewald

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